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Are you looking for a company that sells clothes per kilo? Stock Fashion is a B2B fashion company specialized in buying and selling clothes by the kilo.

Buying clothes by weight is a trend that has been growing for the last few years in several countries around the world. Many retailers and online shops are looking for suppliers of European branded clothes per kilo to provide them with what they need for their physical stores and online shops. The main reason for the rise of this trend is the ability to buy clothes in bulk at cheaper prices. This helps retailers improve their profit margins and increase their sales significantly. 

Clothes sold per kilo are quality clothes from different categories and grades. In addition, such clothes include branded apparel from top European and American manufactuerers. 

In general, buying and selling clothes by weight is a concept different from what people used to know. It also saves retailers a lot of money because buying clothes by the kilo is cheaper than buying clothes per piece. 

There are a number of factors that play a role in determining the price of clothes per kilo such as the brand and the quality of the product. Branded clothes are usually higher in price than non-branded clothing. Furthermore, a kilo of high quality clothes from category A is more expensive. 

How to buy clothes by weight?

Finding B2B suppliers of branded clothes by weight can sometimes be difficult, but there are many companies that sell European branded clothes by the kilo. Stock Fashion is one of the leading companies that has adopted this trend. We supply retailers with clothes from top brands at competitive prices. 

Our products come mainly from Europe and the United states. We also have long-term partnership with customers from different countries who are interested in buying clothes per kilo. 

Clothes by weight

Benefits of buying clothes per kilo

Did you know that there is the possibility of buying clothes by the kilo for resale? This is a practice that is little known on the market, but it works and can save you money when purchasing parts.

In general, store owners and bag sellers are used to buying clothes in bulk. Where each piece is priced below the retail price. However, there are other ways to buy, such as kits, boxes and also by kilo (kg).

Selling clothes by kilo works like selling any other product by kg. Basically the pieces have a fixed price per kilo and you choose what you want to buy. The amount you will pay will depend on the number of kilos you give.

The most common to find are companies that sell out-of-stock clothing. In other words, parts that were left in stock at stores or factories and are now sold at very low prices. So they prefer to sell everything in kg.

Another type of clothing that is sold a lot by the kilo is children’s clothing , whether new or from old collections. In fact, most companies in the area are focused on this type of part.

How much does 1 kg of clothes cost?

The price per kilo of clothing varies greatly depending on the type of item. 1 kg of children’s clothes for the summer, for example, will make around 6 to 8 sets and the price per kilo is usually low.

Children’s winter clothing, such as sweatshirts, costs less than adult clothing per kg.

However, it is possible to find prices much lower than that. This is just one example of a store in Goiânia that works with the pieces.

Despite being a little talked about way of selling, it is usually worth it to buy clothes by the kilo for resale. Because you can pay cheaper than buying in bulk.

However, many pieces will be from old collections. Which means you won’t find many clothes that are trending right now. So you need to analyze carefully to know if this is really what you want.

If you are looking for a B2B supplier of clothes per kilo, Stock Fashion is ready to help you find the right products you need for your store or online shop. Get in touch with us, and we will provide you with more details about our products. We also have wholesale stock clothes and shoes at cheap prices.